Are you and your dog ready to WIN? 

The handling classes are designed to help new people (beginners) who want to get started in the confirmation show ring.  Intermediate and advanced classes offer an opportunity to polish your skills to the next level.  Puppies** can also start their show ring training in either class depending on the skill of the handler.

Classes attract handlers at all skill levels



While the Club is still required to cancel our regular handling classes due to COVID-19,

Jackie Lawrence and Matt McMillan have volunteered to host non-club handling/confirmation classes for free.

Handlers are encouraged to wear a mask to help to get the dogs ready for shows with masked judges and exhibitors. Please bring your own bags to clean up after your dogs. Please bring your own water for you and your dog.

Tuesday July 21st 7:00pm
Tuesday July 28th 7:00pm
Tuesday Aug. 4th 7:00pm

(Club Meeting on Aug. 11th)

Tuesday Aug. 18th 7:00pm

Tuesday Aug. 25th 7:00pm

Tuesday Sept. 1st 7:00pm

Outdoors - Greenway Park
(Raider Dr. across from Cleveland High school)


These classes are designed to train the handler and by doing so training the dog

For additional information, contact:
Marilyn Harban

**Handling Classes are NOT Obedience Classes
The Chattanooga Kennel Club does not teach obedience classes.
For obedience classes contact The Obedience Club of Chattanooga


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Club, Inc.